4242 State St, Murray,
UT 84107
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Our Cocktail Menu is Inspired
by Vintage and Contemporary

Located in midtown and inspired by each city
block, Bar embodies the energy of New York with
the laid back atmosphere of living room.
Designed with relaxed approach to good food and alcohol in mind.

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Mon – Sat 10am – 1am

Sun – 10am – 12am

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Wings – $8.50

Our wings come in Buffalo, Sriracha Lime, Sweet Chile (mild), Syn (Sweet Heat), and Honey Bourbon (mild).

Dry Breaded Wings – $8.50

Our dry and breaded wings.

Boneless Breaded Wings (Chicken Balls) – $8.50 (double $13.50)

Our boneless wings come in Buffalo, Sriracha Lime, Sweet Chile (mild), Syn (Sweet Heat), and Honey Bourbon (mild).

Egg Rolls – $6.75

Jalepeno Poppers – $9.00

Fresh jalepeno, cream cheese that are wrapped in bacon

Queso Crunch Wrap Tacos – $7.00

2 queso crunch wrap tacos

Nachos – $9.00

Beef or Chicken. With the choice of shredded cheese blend or queso. Jalepenos, olives, tomatoes, onions. Side of cream cheese and salsa

Quesadilla – $4.50 (Add chicken for $2.50)

A delicious cheese quesadilla.

Mozzarella Sticks – $7.25

Cheese sticks you can enjoy.

Chips & Salsa – $5.00

Chips & Queso – $5.00

Shrimp – $7.50

6 breaded fantail shrimp

Fries – $4.00

Fresh cut in house choose between: regular, garlic or southwest seasonings.

Beer Batter Fries – $5.00

Onion Rings – $6.00

Regular – $4.50

Cheese Tots – $6.50

Regular tots topped with cheese

Tatcho’s – $9.50

Beef or Chicken. Includes queso, jalepeno, olives, tomato, and onions with a side of source cream and salsa.

Cheesy Bacon Ranch – $8.00

Cheese bacon ranch tots.

Bleu Buffalo – $8.50

Tots with cheese buffalo, ranch and bleu cheese.

Chili Cheese – $8.00

Chili, cheese and onions

Barbary Philly – $10.00

Cheese sauce, peppers, onions.

South West Chicken Philly – $9.50

Chicken, pepper jack, onion & peppers, black bean & corn relish, cilantro topped with house made SW dressing

French Dip – $10.00

Roasted beef with swiss

Boss – $9.75

Turkey, ham, bacon, pepper jack, fresh jalepeno, pickled onion, cilantro, sriracha aioli on a hoagie roll

The Guido – $9.00

Salami, Pepperoni, Ham, lettuce, onion, tomato, olives, pepperoncini peppers, house italian dressing on ciabatta

Full Throttle Gobbler – $10.00

Grilled Turkey, Bacon, Jalepeno Cream Cheese, Lettuce, Tomato, and Onion on a hoagie Roll

Outlaw – $14.00

4 meats (Ham, R. Beef, Pastrami, Turkey), bacon, jalepeno cream cheese, picked jalepenos, house dressing, tomato, and lettuce on Grilled Sourdough or wheat

The Nooner (breakfast sandwich, available all day) – $7.50

Bacon, sausage, or ham with a fried egg and cheese on ciabatta – served with tots.

Breakfast (Late Riser) – $8.50

Sausage, bacon, or ham/Fried egg/cheese/ciabatta bun

Grilled Pastrami Swiss – $9.75

Served on Rye, 1000 island or mustard

Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap – $8.50

Lettuce, onion, tomato

Classic Club – $9.50

2 meats with cheese, tomato, lettuce, and house dressing (Meat choices Ham, Turkey,Roast Beef, Pastrami).

BLT – $7.00

The original bacon, lettuce, and tomato

Veggie Club – $6.50

Lettuce, tomato, cucumber, pickles, onions, Swiss & pepper jack cheese, garlic ciabatta bun

Grilled Cheese – $6.00

Grilled Ham & Cheese – $8.00

Garlic Grilled Cheese – $6.50

Chicken Tenders & Fries – $9.50

Fish & Chips – $10.50

2 4oz batter cod with house cut fries.

Shrimp & Fries – $8.00

5 shrimp and house cut fries.

Corn Dog & Fries – $5.50

Jalapeno Popper Burger – $10.00

Bacon, jalepeno Cream cheese, sriracha lime, tomato, onion, lettuce

Western Burger – $9.00

A classic western burger comes with bacon, cheese, bbq, and 2 onion rings. Comes with pickle chips on the side.

Mac & Cheese Burger – $9.00

A cheesy twist to the burger that includes mac & cheese, bacon crumble, tomato, onion and lettuce.

Green Chile Bacon Burger – $8.50

Green Chile, Bacon, Cheese, all the veg

Roasted Garlic Burger – $8.50

Garlic Bun, choice of cheese, all the veg

Bleu Bacon Burger (Steak House) – $10.00

Tasty burger with bacon, bleu cheese, grilled onion, tomato and lettuce.

Nacho Burger – $8.50

Season with taco seasoning, tomato, onion, lettuce, tortilla chips, queso cheese, and jalepenos.

Beef & Cheddar Melt Burger – $9.50

Cheese lovers get a burger with queso, RB, tomato, onion and lettuce.

Heat Seaker – $9.50

Habanero Puree, PepperJack, Fresh Jalepeno, Bacon, all the veg

Black Bean/Veggie Burger – $9.00

Cheese, all the veg plus cucumber

* all come with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickles

Full Dresser – $11.00

1/2 Lb, bacon, ham, pastrami, cheese, all the veg

Biker – $9.00

1/2 lb, cheese, all the veg

Mushroom Swiss – $9.00

2 Swiss 1.5 Mushrooms, all vegetables

Pastrami – $9.50

Pastrami, cheese and all the vegetables

Jalepeno Burger – $8.00

Pickled Jalepenos

Bacon Cheese Burger – $9.50

Cheese Burger – $7.50

Patty Melt – $8.00

Served on grilled rye, grilled onions, and swiss cheese

Hot Damn – $8.50

Cheese, syn sauce, jalepenos, lettuce, tomato, onion


Crispy Chicken Club – $10.00

Crispy chicken, bacon, cheese, tomato, lettuce

Honey Bourbon Chicken Sandwich – $10.00

Same as club but with house made honey bourbon sauce

Sriracha Lime Chicken – $10.00

Same as club but with house made sriracha lime sauce

Maple Bacon Chicken – $10.00

Bacon, Cheese, Maple Syrup, Jalepenos

Bleu Buffalo Chicken – $9.00

Crispy chicken, bleu cheese, buffalo sauce, tomato, lettuce

Mesquite Chicken – $7.75

Mesquite seasoned Grilled chicken, pepperjack cheese, tomato, onion and lettuce

Garlic Grilled Chicken – $7.75

Grilled chicken, garlic grilled, swiss cheese, all the veg

Chef – $9.00

Ham, turkey, shredded cheese, cucumbers, tomato, croutons

1/2 size – $6.50

Crispy Chicken Salad – $10.00

Boneless Crispy Chicken, cheese, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, tossed in sauce (Syn, Honey Sour, Buff, or Sri. Lime – Sauced option like I listed for chicken club

1/2 size – $7.50

Grilled Chicken – $8.50

Chicken, Shredded Cheese, cucumber, tomato, and croutons.

1/2 size – $6.50

SouthWest Chicken – $9.50

Seasoned Chicken, Corn, Black beans, tomato, cucumber, , onion, olives, topped with fried tortilla strips and house made SW dressing.

1/2 size – $7.00

Taco – $9.00

Beef or Chicken tortilla chips, cheese, tomato, onion, olives, topped with house made SW dressing, side of salsa

Dinner – $4.50

Tomato, cucumber, cheese, and cucumber

Veggie Plate

Served with pita chips & hummas

Fungi Chicken

Grilled chicken breast, swiss cheese, saute’d mushroom, with side of tomatos and cucumbers

Biker – $7.00

biscuit/gravy, 2 eggs, hash browns, bacon & ham (sub sausage $1)

Chicken Fried Steak – $11.00

Steak, 2 eggs, hash browns, toast

Biscuits & Gravy – $7.50

2 biscuits, 2 eggs, bacon or sausage

Chile Verde Breakfast Burrito – $9.50

Egg & cheese burrito smothered with verde, hash browns, toast

Hangover – $10.00

Tots, cheese, 2 eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, smothered in gravy

Pancakes Breakfast – $8.00

Two cakes, eggs, choice of meat – upgrade to Bacon Cakes for +$2.

Pancake – $4.00

Two cakes. – upgrade to Bacon Cakes for +$2.

French Toast with seasonal Fruit – $7.00

French Toast Breakfast – $8.00

French toast, choice of meat, eggs

Breakfast Burritos – $8.00

Sausage, bacon, Ham, Cheese, with side of Chipotle sauce – served with tots

Breakfast Sandwich – $6.50

Sausage, bacon, or ham, cheese, egg, on ciabbata bun, served with tots

Omelette – $7.50

Comes with cheese – Build your own, each topping add .50$ – Ham, Bacon, Mushrooms, Tomato, Onion, peppers, Jalepeno, Olives. – Hashbrowns, & Toast

Toast – $2.00

2 eggs – $2.00

Biscuit & Gravy – $3.00

Bacon/Ham/Sausage – $3.00

Hashbrowns – $2.00

Pretzel – $5.00

Cream cheese stuffed, powdered sugar, chocolate and caramel sauce.

Berry Tart Aala Mode – $7.50

Tart, topped with vanilla ice cream, berry syrup

Apple Tart Ala Mode – $7.50

Tart, topped with vanilla ice cream, caramel syrup

  • Original Moscow Mule

    Smirnoff No 21 Vodka & Ginger Beer

  • Lexi’s Pink Flamingo

    Smirnoff Watermelon Vodka, Pineapple & Cranberry Juice

  • Crown & Ginger

    Crown Royal Whisky, Triple Sec, Sweet N Sour, Ginger Ale

  • Jackie Blue

    Crown Royal Regal Apple Whisky & Blueberry Energy Drink

  • Sara’s Sipper

    Bulleit Bourbon, Grand Marnier, Fresh Orange, Splash of Soda

  • Don Julio Mule

    Don Julio Blanco Tequila, Triple Sec, Lime Juice, Ginger Beer

  • Erwin’s Special Tea

    Captain Morgan, Spiced Rum, Amaretto, Sweet N Sour, Lemon-Lime Soda

  • T&T

    Tangqueray Gin & Tonic

  • Ketel Your Soda

    Ketel One Vodka & Soda

  • Don Julio 70


  • Done Julio Anejo


  • Don Julio Reposado


  • Hennessy VS


  • Hennessy XO


  • Ardbeg 10yr


  • Ardbeg Corryvreckan


  • Glenmorangie Original


  • Glenmorangie Signet


  • Johnie Walker Black


Pyramid Heff


Corona Extra

Negra Modelo


Dos Equis Lager


Coors Banquet

Coors Light

Miller Lite

Michelob Ultra



Lev Red

Lev Grn






Stella Artois


Sam Adams

Seirra Nevada

Lil Sum


Big Wave

Session Red & Black

Bud Light Bottle

Bud Light Tall Boy

Bud Light Chelada

Budweiser Bottle

Budweiser Tall Boy

Natural Light Tall Boy

Twisted Tea, Raspberry


Rogue Dead Guy

Hop Nosh



Hops Rising

Hops Rising Tropical


Off Duty

Keto Cocnut Stout

Hells Keep Golden Ale


Polygamy Porter

Ghost Rider


Epic Sour IPA

Segrams Coolers, Peach & Jamaican

Mike Hard Lemonade, Mango & Black Raspberry

Stell Cider


Amber & Granny



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Was recommended to me by the South Valley Harley Shop.
Great place friendly and I had the chicken taco salad. Very very good.

Stephanie D
Stephanie D

I love to come here for french toast, Sierra Nevada and whiskey on the weekends. The staff is on top of their game and if the lovely Shar is your bartender you are in for a treat.  There is always something going on at the Barb, and everyone is friendly--fear not!!

Jill H
Jill H

I was here last Saturday night with 7 others, most of us ate dinner, we shared several pitchers of Blue Moon. We will be going back soon for sure. The night we were here the band Bone was performing, they are a lot of fun and very good too.

Jeff S
Jeff S